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Fiction you wish was reality.



Dig up the past, and you're bound to change the future. Rory Fielding just traded in her anemic 20-year marriage for the chance to live out a lifelong dream. Now, she's got a bitter ex-husband, a resentful teenage son, three horses, two dogs, and four short months to convert Whistler Ridge Farm, an abandoned stretch of rural acreage, into a commercial horse boarding operation. Everything's on track for Rory's successful transition from corporate executive to American farmer until her Labrador puppy, Rocket,   retrieves a disturbing find in the woods. Friends and neighbors weigh in with their chilling theories about how the human arm bone that Rocket exhumed from a makeshift grave made its way on Rory's property. Even Rory's babysitter, Sandy, has a story to tell. And, Sandy’s sinister tale may just be as plausible as it is incredible. 


Dan Deal, ex-police detective and owner of the local feed store, steps in to assist Rory in navigating the invasive police investigation that has overtaken her farm and halted her barn construction project. Dan's easygoing manner and instinctive sensibility chip away at Rory's guarded exterior, leading to a passionate affair. But, their deepening relationship also triggers memories from Rory's traumatic childhood—memories poised to destroy the love she's waited a lifetime to find. As all of Southern Point holds its breath, the police investigation moves toward an explosive breakthrough. Time and money have run out for Rory Fielding. What happens to her next depends on what happened three decades past, in the woods of Whistler Ridge. WHISTLER RIDGE is Volume III in TTHE VIRGINIA SOUTHERN POINT COLLECTION. 


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